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I Create- Vision Board Book

I Create- Vision Board Book

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I Create Vision Board Book is perfect for everyone with dreams and desires but need some help bringing them to life. We imagine all of the things that we want to accomplish like;places we want to travel, being in fulfilling relationships, having careers and businesses that make us happy. I Create is the vision board book you need to start living out your dreams today!

  • Inspirational pages to guide you through the process
  • Letter size 8.5 X 11 means you have plenty of space to create, and it’s small enough to take everywhere
  • 60gm paper allows you to write with no bleed through
  • Coil bound allows this book to lay flat for a comfortable workspace

Powerful tool used by the most successful people all over the world to get stay motivated and create the lives they desire!

I Create Vision Board is the key to your dream life.

  • Vibrant colors
  • High quality binding and paper
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