Love Always Wins T-Shirt - The story behind the design - A Higher You

Love Always Wins T-Shirt - The story behind the design

Love Wins T Shirt collage

Love Always Wins

The Story Behind The Design

With the playful expression of the game tic tac toe, this design represents connections. Interpersonal relationships; family, lover, friend, co-worker, however it shows up for you. Often we are bombarded with ideals and systems designed to separate or keep us in separation from one another. We have become numb to the environments and experiences that extend beyond our bubble. If we open to the understanding that we are truly stronger together, I believe many things about this world would change. Seeing myself in everything and everyone is teaching me to have the most compassion for the things I understand the least...which is a whole lot. It keeps me connected in areas that otherwise would appear to be a "them problem" instead of an "our problem". Wherever unconditional love is inserted, the vibration changes.
At this stage in my journey it's clear, everyone is having a human life experience; everyone is on their own journey. IMO, one of the most powerful ways to support ourselves and others is to remove conditions. Particularly, conditions of our love. When the motive behind something is unconditional love, the outcome is always a win. It truly costs nothing to share love at any time with anyone and everyone. You can quickly and easily send a kind thought, a smile, or a well wish, you don't have to be best friends or even friends at all. I have received many blessings from complete strangers.
In this energetic world, what we send out always comes back to us. The more we send out the vibration of love, the more we see love come back.
Love Always Wins
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