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Let That Stuff GO!

 Journaling has been a tool I've used since my pre-teen years to handle overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Different periods along my journey has brought me back to writing. LTSG began as a journal. This playful design featuring a meditating brain sitting on a rug, encourages stillness. The published journal guides the user through a process designed to help free themselves from the unproductive and hindering thoughts and emotions being carried. This design came to me at a period in my journey where I was totally overwhelmed. There was an increasing feeling of change happening within me that would certainly change everything around me, and I simply was not ready to face it. I remember feeling very intimidated to abandon my comforts for the unknown; but I realized the tighter I held on to everything in contradiction to where I was being guided, the more pain I felt. Let That Stuff Go means releasing what ails you. The attachments, connections, beliefs, and behaviors however it shows up. This may mean releasing relationships and jobs too.I was able to find true peace only after learning to unapologetically release what no longer serves me - meaning what is no longer supporting my wellness- however that shows up. 

I hope LTSG reminds and encourages you to seek stillness and release whatever ails you, unapologetically. 


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