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Descendant Of Royalty
The Story Behind The Design
Three versions of this design:
1. The most recognizable portrait of Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Kemet
2. The most recognizable portrait of King Tutankhamun, son of Queen Nefertiti
3. Ancient Kemetic Hieroglyphics
The idea for Descendant Of Royalty came to me months and months before I ever opened my shop. I remember watching a movie that was based and filmed in Africa with African actors and actresses and feeling proud of what they portrayed. On the other hand, I also felt a bit disheartened because why are films portraying melaninated skinned people, pigmented people, in roles of affluence, legal businesses, education, even healthy family dynamics, so few and far between? Is it because we don't exist in those areas? Absolutely not! 
Then I thought of history class and how the only history shared is that of slavery. Never history of how everything has evolved from ancient Kemet, now referred to as Egypt. Where is that? Africa. The ancient ancestors of civilization look like me. The mother's and father's of astrology, architecture, mathematics, spirituality, music, business...they look like me. Knowing that would affect the psyche of a person. It's easy to see how after a while of being exposed to only a certain thing, one might claim what they've been told about themselves as fact. Being told stories that have been heavily manipulated and being shown images of yourself in unsavory circumstances has and continues to be the experience of the African in America. There are many who have transitioned to the ancestor realm from this life journey experience under the impression that they are descendants of slavery. We have meticulously been etched out of the totality of our ancestry and replaced by an agenda of half truths and whole lies. If an individual isn't motivated to learn the truth they will never know it.
Descendant Of Royalty was designed to be worn in pride and honor to who we truly are. Melanated or not, heavily pigmented or not, mother Africa is where we all began.
We are Descendants Of Royalty.
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 Descendant of royalty feminine descendant of royalty masculine
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